General Questions

  1. "What does the Horse Logics Application Do?"

  2. "Can I place bets through Horse Logics?"

  3. "Where are the tracks that Horse Logics covers?"

  4. "How does Horse Logics identify value?"

  5. "Can I search for data by a particular Race Track?"

  6. "Can I search for data by a particular horse?"

  7. "Do values change in real time within the app?"

  8. "Why do Exchange odds sometimes show up as N/A?"

  9. "When is the best time to check the App before a race?"

  10. "What type of data does Horse Logics evaluate?"

  11. "What is Logics FV"

  12. “Why is MTP sometimes incorrect?”


General Answers

  1. "Horse Logics is a mobile information tool for horse racing that is updated in real time.  Horse Logics applies a proprietary algorithm to the daily horse racing forms and wager data, which produces a value for certain horses that can be compared to Tote and Betting Exchange odds.  The product identifies horses with significant deltas (e.g the maximum horse value) across win, place and show markets."

  2. "No - Horse Logics is an information tool only.  Wagers can not be placed through the app."

  3. "Horse Logics currently only provides information on tracks in the United States.  Furthermore it will only offer best recommendations based on tracks that are offered on the Exchange, which is about 50% of the tracks in total"

  4. "Horse Logics has determined several key factors that identify a horse to be undervalued using a proprietary algorithm.  By comparing select factors to current odds data, real wagering value can be identified.  This value is simplified so users can compare the data and use in an easy manner."

  5. "Yes - Simply type in the name of the track in the search bar.  You must have unlocked content on the day, to see data for all tracks in the Horse Logics platform, even if searching for a particular track."

  6. "Currently this feature is not supported, we are looking to support this for future versions."

  7. "Values do in fact change in real time as Horse Logics continuously compares and receives data points.  This is one of main advantages of using Horse Logics in evaluating odds."

  8. "Not all US Race Tracks are supported by the Exchange data feed so if there is no activity we will show N/A in the boxes."

  9. "The best time to check the app before the race is about 10 MTP, as in the market and odds data will be reflective of the most recent activity."

  10. "There are over 300 individual data fields that are usually associated with a general horse racing form (or historical data tracker).  Horse Logics takes all these fields into account to form the Horse Logics FV."

  11. "Logics Fair Value is the decimal odds of what Horse Logics thinks the fair value of the odds should be.  To translate into Fractions just subtract 1, then divide by 1 = 4.5 would be 3.5/1.  This fair value takes into account several adjustment variables. The lower the number, the more likely the odds for that horse to win.",

  12. The MTP is calculated based on the scheduled start times of the races.  Due to TV scheduling and other events, the actual times can change and our application does not currently receive the updates.  We are working to try and get better updates that we can implement into future versions of the app.


Commerce Questions

  1. "Where do I go to set up an account?"

  2. "Why do you use Credits?"

  3. "Approximately how much does a credit cost?"

  4. "What are the products available to purchase and their costs?"

  5. “What do I get for my credits?”

  6. "When is the best time to check for Horse Logics Value?"


Commerce Answers

  1. "You can go set up an account by clicking on the account icon in the top navigation bar and completing the process."

  2. "Horse Logics uses a credit system to allow more control for a user to chose the way they want to access and consume our data.  It also allows us a greater ability to do promotions and reward our loyal customers."

  3. "The baseline credit cost is about $1.50 per credit; but we do have credit packages of 50 and 150 for $49.99 and $99.99 respectively."

  4. "Individual day access across all tracks is 10 credits.  We do offer the following packages    -Weekly Access = 50 Credits\n    -Yearly Access = 250 Credits"

  5. “By unlocking access for the day, you will receive the detailed HorseLogics Fair Value calculation as well as the most valued plays for the day, based on comparing to the current Tote prices.”

  6. "The best times to check updated value and pricing is starting about 10 MTP up until race time.  This is when the data and betting activity inputs have been the most active"


Help Questions

  1. "How do I get help?"

  2. "Can I help make your system better?"

  3. "I love this product and want to be affiliate, can I be one?"


Help Answers

  1. "Please contact us at and we will reply to your queries as soon as we are able."

  2. "We want to improve the system for all our users and help them win.  If you have thoughts or wish to work with us to improve our product, please contact us."

  3. "Yes, we would love partners in helping put Horse Logics into as many hands as we can. Please contact us at the above email or DM us on Twitter and we will get back to you as soon as we can."