Some Terms To Know



Logics FV:  Proprietary value of a horse’s potential odds to win the race


Total Value:  Indicates the overall score of the hors


Win:  Horse must finish in 1st place to win


Place:  Horse must finish in 2nd place to win


Show:  Horse must finish in 3rd place to win


MTP:  Stands for Minutes to Post.  It is the time remaining to the start of the race, for that particular track.  Note that MTP can differ from the estimated start time which is also shown on the app.  This is because racing schedules are not perfect and sometimes start later than scheduled due to TV schedules, weather or other factors.


ML:  Stands for Morning Line.  This is the opening line with the odds for the horse to win the race.  Note that most of the time these are different than the final odds but should be used as an indication and reference point


Morning Odds:  The odds that the Tote, Exchange or Logics think the horse will be to win the race.  Note these are in decimal format.  2.0 is basically even money or a 1/1 chance to win the race.  See a good explanation of decimal odds here: 


Logics FV:  The numerical representation of the odds that Logics think the horse is to win the race.  So for example 1.65 would be 1/1.65 chance or a 60.6% chance to win.  3.0 would be 1 / 3 or 33% chance to win


Value Code:  These are a series of codes that should guide a user on what actual betting behavior to take:

1.     HRP000-- Value is not strong enough to warrant large wagering

2.     HRP001--  Value is strong for a trading strategy.  Consider buying low and selling high or considering the horse in a Place or Show bet

3.     HRP002-- Large value here.  Buy and hold position



Total Value:  This is the value of the horse.  High score and rank = high value.  Low score and rank = low value.  Note this is not intended to communicate which horse Riders thinks will win the race (meaning the highest odds to win) but does show how valued the horse is against its current odds.  Value and Odds are different


Overall Strength:  This is the overall strength of the bet at this point in time.  Note that there are better betting indicators the closer a race is to the off (start of race) so as these indicators strengthen, so does the Bet Strength


Track Past Performance:  Rating of how horse has performed at this particular racetrack in the past.  More wins = higher value


Jockey Performance:  Rating of how this jockey riding this horse has performed at this track.  More wins = higher value


MTD Jockey Win Value:  Rating of how the jockey riding this horse has performed in the last month


Trainer Performance after Layoff:  Rating on how the trainer of this horse performs after a 45 day layoff


Pedigree Value:  Value based on horse pedigree


Surface Performance:  Any value given to this horse on this particular surface (Turf, Dirt, grass)